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I was wondering what people eat for breakfast?

I love porridge and eat it or toast every day, but wouldn't mind some different ideas if anyone has any?


Lynne xxx
It's funny you bring this up because breakfast is a sticking point for me. Like you, Lynne, if I'm in a rush going to work its usually oatmeal or toast and that's fine. But just starches/sugars don't always hit the spot. (Even before I was diagnosed it seemed like sugar and high glycemic starches would immediately make my symptoms worse. Even fruit is tricky for me first thing in the morning.) From what I've learned it seems like the traditional dessert-ish breakfasts we have in America are not normal for the rest of the world. I love the idea of Japanese breakfast--miso soup, fish, natto, steamed rice, nori, and pickled vegetables. Maybe some of the British OMSers can confirm the existence of the "full English"--that in addition to forbidden eggs, etc. also has fish, baked beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms. I remember eating callaloo (greens) for breakfast in Jamaica and am curious about kidgeree from India.

Every once in a while I manage to eat steamed greens and grains seasoned with a small amount of herring or smoked salmon, sauteed onions, lemon or vinegar and herbs. I feel amazing when I eat this way, but am usually up to my old convenient habits.

I second the call for awesome OMS breakfast ideas, especially savory ones. I'm sure this well traveled crowd has some favorites.

Hi Lynne and Ashlinn

I agree we don't always want a high starch/sugar breakfast. I found it helpful to think of breakfast as just another meal in which I am trying to get as much goodness into my body as possible.

I often have homemade soup and toast. I add chickpeas to the soup if I want it to be more filling and with a glug of flaxseed oil it's a good start to the day.

If I don't have to rush out a good big mixed salad is nice.

Yesterday's leftover dinner is quick and easy.

Bircher muesli is nice.

The traditional full English breakfast uses ingredients that are all cooked together in the one frying pan and relies heavily on fat and protein - it's quick and easy but I can't think of an equivalent in the OMS way of cooking.
An OMS version of the Full English could be tomatoes, mushrooms, scrambled egg whites, baked beans and toast. The tomatoes and mushrooms could be baked in the oven, or gently softened in water on the hob.

Baked beans on toast is also a nice filling breakfast.

Yum! I really do like the sound of that.
In summer, autumn and spring, I think nothing beats a big fruit salad with about at least six different fruits. Its a great way to get a few cups of colour into your diet every day, particularly the coloured berries that Terry Wahls recommends. Kedgeree is great, made with kippers and brown rice of course and egg whites only with olive oil stirred through instead of the traditional melted butter. Other than that there is always low fat cereal with soy or almond milk. Sweetened creamed rice with or without dried fruit I think would make a good breakfast perhaps, although I don't know how it would go being made with soy or almond milk. I would be really interested if anyone has a recipe for a savoury breakfast risotto that is OMS friendly. Some mornings I do crave something hot and savoury and I reckon a kind of savoury rice porridge may just be the go. Sardines on toast of course is an old hot breakfast favourite, but not to everyone's taste. Do you like baked beans? If you don't like the canned variety which has virtually no fat of any kind, a decent vegan cookbook would probably have a recipe or two for home made, and a few more breakfast ideas besides. Cheers, Loz.
I must admit, I don't have a lot of time in the morning so my breaky consists of a smoothy made from rice milk, pea protein, vital greens, spinach, banana and berries! Plus flaxseed and chia seeds !
I follow a page on Facebook called Find Your Balance. It's a women's health page, but it often posts recipes that are OMS (or almost OMS) friendly. This was a site that they posted about recently:

http://www.buzzfeed.com/arielknutson/ov ... tmeal-cold

I've not tried it yet, but it's a simple idea. Prepare oatmeal, 'milk' and a variety of fruit/other additions and leave in the fridge overnight. Great for people who don't have much time in the mornings!

Great question, Lynne. I needed the suggestions too.
I’m currently stuck on oats soaked in soy milk overnight, but would like something warm in winter.

Irene’s suggestion of soup appeals to me, and now I’m remembering that a daughter of mine enjoys re-heated leftover chicken noodle soup or fried rice.

I’m going to try soups for brekky this winter.

Quick n easy.

Baked beans and mushrooms on toast.
Scrambled egg white and mushrooms on toast.

my favourite at the moment. Super quick and super tasty.

Try it and enjoy it!
dx May 13. OMS Jan 14.
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