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Lots of breakfast ideas here
leftover rice heated up with greens is a treat.
with garlic or not.
but my everyday is:

Porridge oats cooked in rice milk (best) or soymilk.
For one person, 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup liquid.
Throw in some nuts and/or dried fruit (e.g pecans, raisins) salt and...
The Spice Mixture.
I have a little jar of this that I made so I can add 1/4 teaspoon or so.
It is 1 part turmeric, 1 part powdered ginger, 2 parts cinnamon.

In the bowl, I pour flaxseed oil on the hot porridge.
If I haven't cooked dried fruit I sometimes put on some brown sugar.

This is so yummy that I never tire of it, day after day.
Brilliant thanks for all your replies/ideas. Beans on toast is a really good one. So filling and yummy.

I've just had my first trip away since starting the diet - staying with family/in hotels and at a wedding. I am chuffed that it was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. Prob not as perfect as at home, but really not that difficult. I had a lot of support when I was concerned that it might be difficult.

Beans on toast/soya milk porridge/fruit salad/crumpets and marmite were my breakfasts away. Going togetmy act together and start making smoothies and homemade breakfast baked goodies. With2 small children I haven't quite got my head around it all yet, but I love baking so I'll experiment and let you know. I'm pretty sure I can make some breakfast muffins or fruit breads or something.

Re: savoury breakfasts - when I was in Thailand a few years ago, I ate mostly rice and kedgeree style food for brekkie with soup alongside, and I never felt better than in that holiday, so I reckon that's a great idea.

I'll post any recipes icons across/create

It's funny you brought this up. I have a lot in mind but to tell you, before you eat breakfast it's better for you drink luke warm water with fresh lemon juice in it. that way it will help your mind be focus to start your everyday routine then after 30 minutes eat nutritous breakfast that will help your body to maintain it's shape inside and outside. like egg, milk, bread and apple. that is a cheap breakfast and healthy. Asisde from that an exercise will help you enjoy the rest of the day, I bet you will agrree if we do exercise everyday will make our body and brain active but maybe our mind need exercise as well https://ponbee.com/mindfulness-exercises/. try doing mind exercise because it will benefit your body and your mind
A bowl of porridge made with semi-skimmed milk, a hint of cinnamon and a banana. Costs pennies and gives you all the energy you need to kick start your day!

It is very certain that the desire of life prolongs it. Cheers,open source crm 2018
Hi Vyseri,
That sounds really nice, semi-skimmed milk is not reccomended on OMS but this is easily replaced with soy, almond milk. :)

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