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I'm new at OMS, trying to reorganize my meals which is not that easy. I would appreciate to get tips or non-complicated recipes for easy breakfast and dinner.

In the first week of new diet I've got just seven ideas what to eat:
- oats with some nuts/hazelnuts, raisins/dates, spoon of honey/agave syrup and spoon of flaxseed oil
- home-made spread with chopped olives, chopped garlic and spoon of flaxseed oil on the 0 % saturated fats bread
- home-made humus (chickpea/lentils, sesame, garlic, lemon, some spices and some spoons of flaxseed oil) and 0 % s.f. bread
- marmelade and 0 % s.f. bread
- millet porridge with some plums/raisins, salt, sugar and spoon of flax seed oil
- oat milk and 0 % s.f. bread
- vegetables (pickles, olives, fresh tomato, fresh paprika) and 0 % s.f. bread

I think I'll also try guacamole with flax seed oil but more ideas would make whole thing easier for me.
Greetings to all who are reading this!
I have organic porrige ever morning on it I have ..
blueberries, honey, Ceylon cinnamion, and sprinkle of tumerick with soy or oat milk.

I've decided to eat gluten free aswell so lunch as follows..

Gluten free bread toasted with
Drizzle of flaxseed oil, avocado, either smoked salmon or tinned salmon, salad and honey mustard.

Gluten free pasta with
Stirred through flax seed oil ( this is a fab way to have it!)
Tomato based pasta sause
Kidney, black, etc beans
Spinach cooked in sauce

Mashed kumera or potato ( with a bit of soy milk in it)
And on top ...
Mushrooms (cooked in a small amount of water with veggie chicken stock, drain add rice flour and soy milk to create mushroom sauce.
Put on smoked salmon on the mash
Steve with salad... Yum yum.
Hope these help.

My advice in he kitchen ... Wing it, trial and error, be creative!

Soups are easy and great to freeze for those days you just can't be bothered to cook.

Good luck.
Hi, I made spread from eggplant yesterday. Put eggplants in the oven, bake them, mix them with tahini and garlic and add a littlebit of lemon, salt, peper....
I just ate this spread with home made spelt bread(recepie is available on this web site), avocado and tofu cheese with herbs.
Hi Dominic

Easy breakfast ideas:

I like buckwheat flakes (gluten free) with a banana cut in slices with some nuts and raisins/berries, my daily flaxseed oil and some soya milk (its yummy if it's warm but maybe you prefer it cold)

Make your own granola/musli and have that with either fruit juice or soya milk and or yoghurt

Fruit and soya yoghurt with some flaxseed and sunflower seed cereal topping

Porridge made with soya milk and a mashed banana

Almond 'porridge'

Homemade muffins

Homemade pancakes


Dinner idea:

fish dishes
pasta dishes with fish or just veg
veg bakes
veg burgers
lots of Chinese dishes... endless list

Send me a message and i can give you a tone of recipes or visit my website!

All the best
I have kitchari for breakfast every morning. I make a big pot once a week and freeze mots of in in one serving portions (leave enough for two days in the fridge) It is made with brown rice, mung beans, and lots of vegetables and spices. I soak the rice and the mung beans overnight. It is just not as good if you don't.
I stir 2 tbsp. of ground flaxseeds and 20 ml of flaxseed oil into once it is dished up and add 1 tsp lightly toasted sesame seeds. Its sound like a lot of work, but it isn't - you only have to make it once a week - toast the sesame seeds once a week and put them in a jar - so the only thing I do most mornings is heat up the kitchari and grind the flax seeds. There are a few recipes here - I like the one that has 6 cups of vegetables.
It is listed as a fasting food, but it makes a great savoury breakfast or all-day porridge. It is delicious and these days I get very grumpy if I have run out and find I have to eat toast.
The vegies that work well in it for me are cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, celery, and spinach.
I'm always looking for breakfast recipes that include Veges so kitchari sounds great!

Lotte can you please message me your website and any dinner recipes with vege that u use?

[quote="surfergirl"]I'm always looking for breakfast recipes that include Veges so kitchari sounds great!

Once you get it exactly to your taste and consistency you'll love it. Is is always best to let it sit and thicken up for around 20 mins after you make the first big batch.]
Thanks nyran

Just went and bought some of the spices!

Do you use basmati or brown rice though? Thinking brown would be much better!
surfergirl wrote: Thanks nyran

Just went and bought some of the spices!

Do you use basmati or brown rice though? Thinking brown would be much better!

The best rice to use is brown basmati - best of both worlds and I think it is definitely worth tracking it down. In Australia is easily found in Woolies or Coles.
For breakfast, I always blend up a smoothie. A nutri bullet or nutri ninja is a great investment. Normally add kale, apple, flax seed oil, oats, berries and juice or any other fruit/veg/nuts/seeds that are around. With the oats it fills me up and I get a good mix of fresh fruit and veg.

And it's delicious :D
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