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Diggity wrote:
Blueberry wrote: A NutriBullet is on my wish list...
I've read my friends manual and I'm sure you guys are being careful but just incase, I saw Apple seeds and some other seeds are a no no and can make you ill.

Hoping Santa is kind this year...

That's a good point. Apples need to be cored and I don't think citrus fruits would be a good idea with skins and seeds. :shock:

Have a look around at different models. Nutri Ninjas are good as well as Bullets, but avoid the cheap copies.
Sedona Arabelle wrote: I can't recommend enough how amazing a thermomix is for smoothies, dairy free icecream, almond milk etc.

MattyP which smoothie recipe is that one on the chip?


It's just called "Green Smoothie" on the basic cookbook chip.
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