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Hello all....I am new to OMS and searching for some breakfast ideas that are good for "on the go." Any suggestions welcome! Thanks
Take a flask and some porridge.
Cold baked potato
Get to earlier if possible to make time for breakfast
Nothing quicker and easier than porridge, I personally had / have a real love (addiction) of cold porridge (so that it solidifies). So much so, that I'd often make a big bowl of it the night before, just so it would cool and go resistant (even if I wasn't in a rush the next morning). I read up about it, and its actually what the Scott Farmers used to do hundreds of years ago (except they kept it in kitchen drawers and cut it in to blocks the next morning).
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Breakfast recipes!

Porridge, smoothies, bacon and eggs, (really just kidding about that, both bacon and eggs are NOT on the menu), though you can have an egg white omelette or scramble, I like them with mushrooms, onions or peppers in the middle.

Toast is always a quick standby for me.
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