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Just thought I would share my chocolate orange pancake receipe.
Mash 2 bananas and leave aside.
Separate 3 eggs and put the egg whites to one side.
In a bowl put dry ingredients, flour(I use gluten free) and raw cacou, mix with a fork.
Then add egg whites and soya or rice milk mix until you have a runny consistency.
Then add bananas and the zest of one orange.
Heat a non stick pan until very hot. Use a ladle until full,turn when mixture is solid in the pan.
I serve them with maple syrup and dairy free custard.
They are yummy and taste like a Christmas pudding ( not a rich one though)
Try them and see what you think!

Yum!! these sound great, thanks for sharing. My boyfriend is always on at me to make pancakes so i'll give these a try!

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These sound good. How much flour and how much cocoa powder?
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