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Thank you, it was a real privilege to be asked. I've learnt an awful lot about how much work goes on behind the scenes. I didn't realise there are nearly 4000 people signed up to the site, not all of them access the forum, only 1900 so far. The message is really getting out there which is great.

Charlie, I found the recipe on this website http://www.safe.org.nz/recipes/
SAFE is Save Animals From Exploitation. Not all the recipes are OMS friendly but there are some really good ideas.


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hi Wendy,

the next day the brownie actually became hard - i tried it to quickly and was so amazed by the taste that i had to post when it was still hot and runny. The next morning after being in the fridge, it was exactly like you described.

I made a second one, i did add more oats this time and instead of the cocoa (i had to be so careful not to eat too much in one day. lol) I made this one with dried dates and a bit more cinnamon. it was absolutely delicious too. and the only sat fat was from the oats with is minimal.

i think i'm trying another one with pureed apples instead of the banana and raisins...maybe add some nuts.

Anyways, this recipe really uplifted it me. it's healthy and sooooo yummy!
Thanks so much!!!
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I finally found time to make this with my daughter. We used almond essence and golden syrup as that is all we had in. Absolutely delicious! My toddlers loved it and asked for more! I'll add some chopped nuts next time. Really lovely, thanks for sharing :D
If you have never cooked raw beans before it is not two cups lol, I now have 5 cups cooked beans so am going to freeze the rest to make this another day.
I used my 9 inch silicon roast tray and am waiting on the pinger to go.
I tweaked it and added 4 fresh dates only 1/4 cup maple syrup and used my stick blender in a bowl to mix everything else first then added 1/2 cup blended oats and some dried chilly grindings.
Brownies are only 1 cm thick but have come out very good and taste great and freeze brill.
Making this today uising a can of 400g black beans and measuring these out it is 1 and a 1/4 cups only, so getting some I cooked earlier out of the freezer. Oh maybe it is 400g uncooked versus 2 cups cooked, I will weigh and compare what 400g dry is if that is 1 nd a bit cups then that must be it :)
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