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Hey everyone,

Not sure if someone has shared this website before - apologies if so!

My favourite vegan baking & dessert recipe blog by far. The recipes do need some adjusting to become OMS friendly, but they are 100% vegan.

Perhaps people can post their alterations to the recipes under this thread :)


Hi, first time posting here, and still finding my feet with OMS. I have been looking for a vegan recipe for scones and found this blog with a scone recipe, is it OMS friendy?

I think the last scone recipe I posted was not OMS friendly because it contained fats, so I looked again, and found this fat free recipe (with sunflower seeds) and hope this is ok...

The first one is out it uses a processed margarine.
The second one is out as uses milk.
Until clear with what OMS is and recognising what to not eat I would keep food preparation and cooking very simple.
This is not a fat free diet it is simple plant based with some fish.
Once you get started it gets easier and taste buds change and food tastes amazing with flavors and vibrancy.
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