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Hello OMS'ers

Lizzienphil told me about these and I need to share.
I have just tried this and they taste 'almost' like the real thing !
Hand Stretched Pizza Bases from Sainsbury's have no Sat Fat, Milk or other Nasties in them and are made with EVOO.
Crush some Garlic and smear over the pizza base.
Cook as per instructions 10 mins at 220 degrees.
Take out of the oven and drizzle with your Flaxseed oil. Season to taste and Voila!
As the flaxseed oil has not been cooked it will not break down.

All sorts of amazing OMS pizzas can be made, I had Tomato and Jerk sauce with onions and tomatoes last night.
When was the last time you had Pizza ?
Onwards and upwards,

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Ahhhhh pizza. Happy days.

Not had a pizza for years! I shall grab some of those pizza bases and get cooking. It'd make a change from single-handedly consuming the ocean's stocks of fish. I am growing gills, you know.

Pizza. Yum.
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just remember you shouldn't heat evoo above 170c
So if I bought a Domino's pizza with no cheese, other dairy or meat, would that be OMS-compliant?

Sure hope so 'cos the one I just ate was quite tasty.
Be always undiminished
Member of the Weebly Wobbly Club (class of '13)
Do you have a link for that info on heating EVOO? I thought it was OK up to 180c
no sorry no link, but it's been bought to my attention on this site. Maybe 10c wouldn't matter.
Thanks anyway :)
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