Here's my OMS GF bread machine loaf recipe.
My bread machine dosen't have a GF setting, so I just use the standard setting. the loaf doesn't brown well so choosing 'dark' crust helps. I imagine machines vary from brand to brand so you may need to tweak the ingreadients a bit to suit yours.
tbs=tablespoon=15ml, tps=teaspoon=5ml.

• 1 Tbs EVOlive Oil
• ½ Tbs vinegar (eg red wine vinegar)
• white of 1 large egg
• 2 tps salt
• 2 Tbs sugar
• 1 pint / 570ml tepid water
• 12 oz / 340g rice flour
• 6 oz /170g millet or sorghum flour (or just use rice flour if you don’t have/like these)
• 1 Tbs and 1 tsp xanthan gum
• 1 Tbs and 1 tsp dried yeast
• Optional; seeds, fruit etc.

1. Add ingredients to machine pan in the order listed..
2. Select 900g or ‘large’ loaf and colour ‘dark’.
3. Press go