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I really wanted to share this recipe with everyone. I've been making baguettes and rolls using this recipe for the last few weeks and at last, I have crunchy gluten free bread!

http://www.myitaliansmorgasbord.com/201 ... -to-wheat/

It works well with doves farm brown bread flour too. ( just add the sorghum and rice flour together if substituting) and add a little less fibrex as there is some already in the doves farm bread flour mixture.

If you live in the uk, you can find fibrex here:
http://www.drossaltd.com/index.php?rout ... rch=Fibrex

Otherwise check out their distributors:
http://www.nordicsugar.com/industry/fib ... eet-fibre/

Great gluten free crunchy bread without all the unhealthy additives in store bought gf bread!

Can we still get the fibrex in the UK as the above link doesnt work now. Doesn't appear to be a UK distributor though. Can we use anything else?

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