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My flat breads are based on a recipe I found on the BBD forum and altered it to suit me.
250 grams flour (I use Dove Farm GF blue flower and include 100 grams of Bob redmill GF flour)
(I don't bother with raising agents but depending on flour used you may need too)
145ml rice milk
1/2 teaspoon honey (optional but I add this)
1 x egg replacer use a stick blender to get it good and frothy with the rice milk)
2-4 garlic cloves chopped/crushed + 5-10 grams chopped coriander (a small handful)

1. Mix flour, (and baking powder and soda if not using self raising flour) in bowl
2. Separately mix the milk, honey, egg (or egg replacer), garlic and coriander in a jug, onion seeds are nice in this too and sun dried tomato pieces
3. Add wet mixture to flour in bowl, I use a table knife to start mixing and I just pour the lot on top of the flour and mix from there
4. I kneed it directly in the bowl adding flour sprinkled over hand in bowl as needed to get a nice not over worked dough
5. Roll the dough in your hands to make a sausage shape and then break off into balls, press out into a nann shape on a floured surface to approximately 4mm thick, set aside on a baking sheet to rest for 15 mins, I get about 14 small breads from this about 3 inches across in size
6. Heat the griddle to good and hot, I don’t use any oil on it, solid anodised pan
7. Cook nanns until golden brown and puffed up, approx 5 mins a side

Can be frozen and toasted from frozen or used straight away say for mini pizza bases or just eaten. they are not flexible to roll as a wrap but when freshly cooked can be sliced open to make mini pitta shaped breads. If 1 tablespoon of evoo is used in the wet mix the dough is more elastic and is passable for a pizza base.
Omg yum !!! Thanks for sharing !!!
Just to update.
I now don't bother rolling it out I just grab and bit from the mixed bowl and work it quickly into small nann shape. I basically thinking about it work the dough mixture a lot less now and it is even more airy.
Oh and I add garlic and sun dried tomato bits now as I often have this and not corriander.
If while making a table spoon of EVOO is add to the wet mix it makes a more elastic dough that can be used to push into a silicon muffin pan and filled with a savoury filling and baked.
That's pretty much my recipe (although I don't use egg replacer). I sometimes use soy milk soured with a teaspoon of vinegar (it curdles after 10-15 minutes and goes yoghurty. I also use a wok with a lid - heat the wok, slap on the naan and cover. Turn after 2-3 minutes. The lid creates steam and they puff up well.

Dan Lepard in the Guardian has some great baking ideas which are easy to modify. His olive oil pastry spicy pasties are delicious.

Yotam Ottolenghi has a great vegetarian column in the Guardian too - some wonderful ideas, again easy to modify.

Google is your friend ;-)

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That reminds me I have his olive oil pastie recipe and it has reminded me to try it.

Thanks for the naan recipe too :D
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