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I was looking for feedback on a bread recipoie I was given by my sister.
It's Gluten Free, oil free and Dairy free but I reckon I'm missing something.
It's One large tub of (500g) of plain natural alpro soyal yogurt and 1000g of rolled oats with 1tlbsp of bread soda. That's it! and bake at 180 - 200 degrees in a pre-heated oven for 45 minutes or more if you feel necessary.

I'm based in Ireland and finding som of the recipie ingredients hard to come by and expensive and flavorless and time consuming.

I'm short on time and sticking to a budget but need bread or something in diet as getting dizzy and lightheaded from low blood sugars from Salad everyday for lunch and prossidge for breakfast.

Only just trying the diet the last half year and have eased in rather than stuck rigidly to it as circumstances allowed but am finding dry hair and scalp and skin and pain in joints since going on it more comprehensively althought I put some of this in part to Fingolomoid medication for MS.

This recipie I feel is close to OMS but was looking for feedback.

I eat cold baked potato and cold sweet potato very filling.
There is no need to go hungry, this is not a no carb.
I make a red lentil pate and freeze in portion size, great spread on oat cakes. It is someone else recipe but so easy.
100gram red split lentil
1 medium sweet potato peeled and cut into 1cm ish chunks
3/4 pint water
Cook that lot on hob with no lid for about 15 minute all fluid pretty much goes and sweet potato is soft.
If I have it I had previously baked red pepper and chopped baked onion.
Use stick blender and whiz up everything together add cayenne pepper if you want heat.
Makes 6 portions so put in silicon baking tray and freeze.

Make slightly extra carrot and veg for evening meal gives lunch left overs.
Today I have left over bean jalfrezi with sliced sprouts, salad bits, chilly olives and orange bits stirred into fresh cooked red lentil and a sliced asparagus spear, plus 4 toasted baked potato slices oh and a few cashews thrown in, the lot could be eaten cold for lunch or out of a single container as I am currently doing.

My partner and I eat very simply and I don't follow recipes for everything.
I think you might like this one though, rizopia make great gluten free pasta.
Add sliced tomato on to before baking and don't add the salt or kelp. Feeds 2 for 2 days.
http://www.straightupfood.com/blog/2014 ... casserole/
Heather I think it sounds a strange recipe too but you can only try it and see. if the oats are ground finely like flour is the only way I can see it being like bread. I don't know what bread soda is but am guessing it is a raising agent.
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This diet is not oil free. It is low saturated fat but not oil free, so I enjoy some avacado, nuts, seeds and flaxoil on my poridge.
I think you are just not eating enough which will make you feel low, lathargic and dizzy.
I agree with Veg - you need to eat a lot more. I find this plant based wholefood diet actually saves me a lot of money on my grocery bill. Apart from flaxseed oil, I don't buy any special ingredients just lots of vegetables in season, lentils and beans etc and occasional fish.

Kashu - it's baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) for bread soda. I reckon soy milk soured with a teaspoon or so of lemon juice would work just as well as Alpro yoghurt, probably cheaper too. I would whizz the oats in a food processor to make more of an oat flour.

PS I use a lot of baking soda - it's an awesome cleaner. even for ovens, and cheap as chips!

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I would never have guessed it is baking soda!

Soured soy milk probably would work and it would be cheaper to test the recipe.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Thanks all.

I have made the bread and tried it.

It was good - It appeared OMS like to me from the recipe but wasn't sure if it sounded OMS like from those who are on the diet longer and more comprehensively than myself at the moment. (I'm getting there in stages)

Thanks for all the feedback and recipes

Initial post should have said some of the OMS recipe ingredients are hard to come by which is why I was trying the porridge oat and natural yoghurt with bread soda.

Also it's actually hard to get in season veg in Ireland (and expensive) - it's all imported and tasteless and very little in season fruit.
I've been vegetarian for years and have only stated eating some fish but must avoid shell fish and aniseed as Anaphylactic Shock allergic to them but OK with some fish.

I will give the recipes a try. Thanks
If veg is limited try the frozen isle for frozen veg bags.
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