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Hello everyone! I just bought a breadmaker as part of my push to control my diet. I'm a complete newbie though so I have no idea how to make bread properly. :oops: I had a look at some of the recipes in the forums, but as I'm in the UK the measurements are different, as are some of the ingredients names. Can anyone over this side of the pond post an OMS friendly breadmaker recipe to get started with? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! :)

Secondary Question: I really like the look of some of the burgers you can make in the recipes section of the site. But it doesn't explain what type of bread the buns are made of. What one's can I use? Or can I just make my own as well? If so, is there a good recipe and method for burger buns?

Sorry for all the questions! Just keen :)
Be well, live long and prosper!
It is really worth getting a set of cup measures they can be picked up in most large supermarkets or Robert Dyas or any cook shop.
A one time search will give you a translation for American ingredients and then work from there. any stuck on provide it on here and I'm sure someone can explain what it is and from that could work out a substitue.
There are bread machine recipes on here and a couple threads to read (there are more).
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