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I'm a new member and I am beginning with the OMS program in these days. Read complete the first chapter of the new OMS book (Step 1: Eat well) and decided to begin immediately to change my diet. It is okay for me because I was vegetarian yet with a large amount of vegan meals. I'll miss the cheese and coconut, but if it's for a good thing and better health it will be okay.

So, now to my question: I love love love this bread (although I eat gluten, too, and have no allergy) because it is really very delicious:
I always made it with coconut oil, of course, but now i saw, that it is possible with olive oil, too. Yeah!
But before I try the recipe with olive oil, I wanted to ask if there are too many nuts in this bread? Is it oms-friendly?

I'm looking forward your answers and say thank you in advance!

All the best, Jokkemokke (from Germany)
Why not work out what the sat fat of the recipe is and then divide that by the number of days the bread will last you and see what you think. It might be fine.
Thanks for that idea, veg!
I had a look, and if the bread is devided in 12 slices, one slice would contain 3,5 g saturated fat in average. i would think, that is okay, isn't it?
Will the bread last 12 days or will you be eating two a day, perhaps you freeze it. It's not that the bread is high it is about what the rest of your day looks like to be able to put it into perspective. Whilst there is no need to count sat fat it doesn't hurt to do it for a while until you get a feel of where you are with your choices so you can decide wisely. Change the olive oil to extra virgin olive oil too.
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