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I have a recipe book with all different kinds of bread to make in or out of the bread maker.

I have found by substituting olive oil where recipes say butter and soya milk where receipes say milk I make just as nice loaves without all the fat!!
Breadmakers are great aren't they! I also make chappatis and naan, modifying conventional recipes to suit..

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I don't suppose you have the recipe for naan bread using a breadmaker?


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I make nann bread by hand very easy I am sure I posted what I do off to get the link.
I often do it with garlic and sundried tomato bits now.


If while making a table spoon of EVOO is add to the wet mix it makes a more elastic dough that can be used to push into a muffin pan and filled with a savoury filling and baked.
Ah thanks veg, will wait for the link, you're a star - as usual!!! X
DX 03/2008
Swank 04/2012
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Added link to post above.
Hope it helps.
I now don't bother rolling it out I just grab and bit from the mixed bowl and work it quickly into small nann shape. I basically thinking about it work the dough mixture a lot less now and it is even more airy.
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