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Hi everyone,

Thought I’d share a recipe I just made as a really simple side to a vegan curry, sweet potato flat bread!

One large potato made about four medium sized flat breads about 1cm thick.

Peel chop and boil potato until tender, mash until smooth. I then added smoked paprika and garlic granules but you could add any seasoning you like curry/chill powder etc!
Add one cup of flour and combine until it’s all smooth. Lightly flour hands and devide into balls.
Flatten to desired shape and thickness and lightly coat both sides with flour to ensure they don’t stick.
Heat up a skillet pan and when hot dry fry for a minute or two on each side, I did mine for a bit longer as I like the charred crispy bits kind of like a naan bread! I kept mine in the oven until I was ready to use them and that’s it!
So easy and probably something a lot of you do anyway but just thought I’d share as you can get creative with your flavourings and it’s such an easy OMS friendly side dish thats completely vegetable based and really filling!

Best wishes,

Hi Victoria

Thanks for the recipe, I’ll be sure to give it a go. I miss peshwari naan so much!

Why not try cumin substitutes?
Thank you dear for this lovely recipe I will definitely try to make it at home. Although I love cooking, but I am not that much good in it. Learning these things slowly and steadily
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