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I found some eggless egg roll sheets at a local store, I've been looking for them for a while, but even when some stores websites say they sell egg roll sheets that don't have eggs in them, when you get to the store the only ones they sell have eggs in them.

So I found and bought the sheets, some onions, portabello mushrooms, red and white cabbage, scallions, radishes, carrots, the other ingredients I already had in the pantry.


Egg roll sheets,
diced onions,
thinly sliced portabello mushrooms,
shredded red and white cabbage,
diced scallions,
thinly sliced radishes,
julienned carrots,
soy sauce,
sesame seed oil,
corn starch, separated
chili powder,
black pepper,

But the ingredients for the filling can be as various as what's left in the pantry, at the end of the month.

I can imagine cooking these with beans and dhal's, tofu, and just about anything you have on hand that's edible.

I started by sweating down the diced onions in a heavy Wok, once they were translucent I added in some ginger and garlic, (1 Tbs of each), I added 1 Tbs of chili powder and 1/2 tsp of cumin, then put the sliced mushrooms in and continued to cook while tossing the mushrooms in the onion mix, to coat the mushrooms.

As the wok was pretty full I took out 1/2 the contents, then added in the cabbage and kept tossing as it cooked, make a slurry with some corn starch and some soy sauce, when the cabbage has wilted add the salt and black pepper, then pour the slurry over the top and keep the contents moving to coat the cabbage etc. with the corn starch and soy sauce. added in the radishes, scallions and carrots, add back in the other onion mix and stir to incorporate everything, drizzle a little sesame seed oil over it as you take it off the heat.

Spread the mix out on a baking tray to cool, if you use a lipped tray, tilt the tray to allow the juices to drain as the mixture cools, this took a while, but you want the contents to cool and dry some, as the egg roll sheets will break up and be un-useable if they get too wet. Make another slurry of corn starch and water, have a pastry brush or fingers on hand, (if you have fingers anywhere else you could use them instead if you want)!

Separate some of the sheets, (keep the other sheets, under a damp cloth, close at hand), this was the part I ha the most trouble with, due to my dexterity problems, (I got my wife to help skinny them apart), place the square sheet on a clean dry surface, keep a dry kitchen towel or paper towels on hand to keep the surface dry, Place in it a diamond, a point towards you, load 1.5 - 2 Tbs of the filling mixture about 1" in from the nearest point, roll the point over the contents and continue to roll, (tucking the filling into the tube you are forming), once you have a full circle of the sheet round the filling, wet the top surfaces of the right and left hand corners, and the point away from you with the slurry, fold the right and left hand corners over the tube, keep the sides straight away from you, (this helps contain the filling in the tube), once the sides are folded in, roll the tube until the top corner is wrapped around the tube.

Lay the completed roll on a cooling rack, and keep going building some more.

My wife could peel the sheets free, twice as fast as I could fill and roll them, so there was some toing and frowing as to who was quickest etc. I know some of the first ones I did had 2 or 3 sheets that I hadn't separated as well as I should have, I made enough for 29 spring rolls, but could have probably made 36, (I think the pack contained 36 sheets), with a little more portion control.

Once they are made, you can freeze them, keep them separated and freeze them first on a cookie sheet, if you freeze them before you bag them, you can separate them in the bag, and then when you want some, be able to just take out the ones you want to eat on the day. If you bag them first then freeze them, they will stick together as they freeze, and all you will get out of the bag will be a frozen mess, so please freeze first, bag after the are frozen.

Preheat your oven to 400° F or 204° C, once it's hot, give the rolls a wash with the corn starch slurry, it should help crisp up the sheets, cook for 15 - 20 minutes until the outside is crispy and the filling is bubbling hot, remove from the oven, allow to cool 10 minutes before serving. Serve with soy sauce, hoysin sauce, ketchup or all three.

The frozen ones can be put in the preheated oven straight out of the freezer, just give them the corn starch wash and make sure they are separated on the rack. I put the cooling rack on top of a lipped cookie sheet, so that if they burst the filling will be caught, before it hits the burners in the oven bottom!

I put no amounts to most of the ingredients, because it's one of those recipes that I think you'll eyeball it every time you do it, raising and lowering the amounts, to fit what you have at hand, and how you feel on the day!

I had a friend try some, (as the kids and wife wouldn't eat them, too many vegetables :o ), he doesn't like mushrooms, but ate 2 said they were great and full of favor, and took 6 for his supper with his wife.

Important note.
Check the labels on the egg roll sheets, some contain eggs and egg yolks specifically, once you find a supply without eggs in the ingredient list, grab a couple of packets, as they freeze well and just need thawing in the fridge to be usable.
Be well, live long and prosper!
Sounds delicious. We have spring roll pastry and wanton wrappers in most Aussie supermarkets, I'm going to check out the ingredients next time.
I adore sushi and have just bought sushi making kit from https://sweetbuyouts.com/products/bamboo-roll-mat-rice-roller-rolling-maker . The sushi came out pretty good, but it was too big. The last roll I did came out smaller but still too big. The rice came out pretty good and overall it was a good easy to make meal but I need to work on the technique.
Sounds lovely, might try this with added beasprouts and drop the mushrooms and radishes.
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