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I'm always looking for new salmon recipes and found a really nice one. It's a salmon salad with Dijon mustard and herbs.
Great over greens or whole grain bread. Nice flavors. https://www.healthfulpursuit.com/2012/0 ... mon-salad/
One confusing part of the recipe is that it calls for 4 sticks of celery. I don't think that means 4 whole stalks, but 4 little individual-sized pieces, so I just cut up one whole stalk.
Nice recipe. I sometimes feel out of imagination what to cook. So saved it as it sounds delicious.
It sometimes happens to me too. Especially when I don't plan beforehand what I'll be cooking. Sometimes the southern living magazine comes in handy. I'm also following its webpage ( ), so when my imagination has run out I grab some recipe ideas from them.
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