it is a very simple redipe with few ingredients, but belive me it works!!!!!

Sholet for 2 and a todler :)

2 can of harricot beans
1 really big onnion chopped very small (i add some water to the food processor and make an almost paste like mixture)
3 teaspoon smoked paprika
1 head garlic (i wash it, and do not separete it, goes in to the food as a whol head)
50g pear barley
salt, pepper
1 egg per person (i only eat the egg white, but the rest of the family eats all) wahed as it will go in the stew

Put the onion in a non stick pan, no oil required -at least i did not used any- and cook the onion in a medium heat untill it turns opal, add water as and when required.. when the onion is done, add the perar barley and the beans and stear. season with salt, pepper, and the smoked paprika, it will give the distinctive flavoure. add at least 0.5 litre water, it needs to cover the whole head of garlic and the eggs. Bring it to boil, and then simmer it for 1.5 hrs. the end result should be that almost all the water evaporates, and it looks like kind of a been stew. get the garlic out of it, and press it out, you will get a lovley garlic paste, stir it back to the stew. also get the eggs out of their shells, and it it with the stew. accompanied best with bread

it is one of my childhood favourite modified to be OMS friendly, hope you like it, easy to thro it together and just let it simmer....
you can also do it with dried beans, obviously you have to pre soak them overnight, and the cooking process should be a bit longer (about 2-2.5 hrs)