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6 Tablsp sunflower seeds
6 Tablsps sesame seeds
1/2 cup linseed
2 or 3 Tblsp Carob powder or Cocoa ( remember carob is saturated fat free!! )
Grind in a blender or food processer until a fine powder consistency.
Add 3 or 4 Tablsp Manuka Honey and blend until it forms a soft dough.(You may need more honey play around with it a little ).
Roll into balls and refrigerate.
I also roll them in Cocoa Nibs sometimes. At my Supermarket ( Packn'Save Auckland, New Zealand ) you can buy Cocoa Nibs with chilli or cinnamon.
The Chilli Cocoa Nibs give them a nice zing and make eating a little more intersting! :P
Cocoa nibs are high in saturated fat and heat treated so best to make these delicious seed balls without cocoa nibs.
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