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Hi folks,
I'm having a party for my toddlers this weekend but am having trouble finding a decent vanilla cake or cupcake recipe. Can anyone help?
Thanks, Shelly
I've got one at home for angelcake (like sponge but without the egg yolks or butter) if that's any use?
Oooh, I hadn't thought of angel food cake! I'll give it a try, thanks!
Thank my mum - she got me "The ultimate fat-free cookbook" and the angel cake was the first page I flicked to! I can post a recipe tonight if it's useful? Otherwise - good luck with the party :D
Hi Catriona,
The angelfood cupcakes turned out well - I made icing with just icing sugar, cocoa and oatmilk so they were very sweet, but then again there were no complaints and none left!
Thanks again for the suggestion.
Hi Shelly - that's great, glad it all went well :) I might try the angelfood cake for my husband's birthday in a few weeks...
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