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I have just devoured this as it's so delicious and I really miss chocolate!!

1 courgette
5 dates
tablespoon water
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
sunflower seeds (optional)

Blend the courgette, dates and water until smooth.
Add the cocoa powder and blend until it is fully mixed.
If you like a crunch in your chocolate add as many sunflower seeds as you want.

You can just eat the mixture like this, it's delicious, I promise you there is no taste of courgette! Or if you want the chewy bar (worth it I think) and have a dehydrator then pour the mixture onto one of your sheets and dehydrate on 105 degrees for 18 hours. I haven't tried on a higher temperature as I'm trying to eat more raw foods but I'm sure it would be equally delicious. I also think that if you left it for longer than 18 hours you would get a more solid bar.

If you don't have a dehydrator then I think you could put it in the oven on low for as many hours as needed to get the texture how you want it.

The dates make it high in sugar so it's up to you how sweet you want it.
This is interesting. I've recently tried some Nakd raw food bars which are delicious but also cost a pretty penny at £1 per bar. I've been trying to recreate them myself from the ingredient list but I can't seem to get my bars as dry as the shop bought ones. Maybe a dehydrator is the key? Are they expensive?

KatieRose, do you use fresh dates or can you use dried?


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Hi Gareth
Dehydrators seem to range from about £80 to a few hundred pounds. I've got an excalibur 5 tray one, which was one of the more expensive ones, but it was recommended to me by a friend and I use it ALL the time now!
I use it mainly for flax seed crackers, kale 'fried seaweed', dried tomatoes and now chocolate.
This website http://www.juiceland.co.uk/ seems to stock a few different ones.
It was a big investment for me, but worth it as I use it so often.

Hi Wendy
I used dried dates in this recipe.

Tesco are selling some of the Nakd bars range and are approx 60p each.
Sorry, I actually meant Trek bars. Nakd bars are nice too but they are a bit small for me.
I miss chocolate, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to get myself a dehydrator, I think, even if they are ridiculously expensive here in petroholic Norway...

btw, a friend told me that if I do not have a dehydrator, I can use the oven with the door slightly open... it is not quite the same, but it is supposed to work somehow... wastes a lot of heat, though...

Bjørn, Oslo
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