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sounds yummy, I'm in need of a different sweet fix
I made the pastry again tonight using plain/all purpose flour and only had to add an extra 15ml of milk and 5ml of water so it came together far better with different flour :-)
I made this on the weekend, and the whole family loved it. I did too. Yay, I have something that I know they all like finally. :D
has anyone tried it with rice milk? I used soy last time, but I have rice open now. Thanks
Thanks Maree,
We didn't like this, WE LOVED IT!! Lemon meringue is one of my old time favourites, I have long pondered how to make it without the yolks. Thought I would give it a try as a Christmas special and it's great. Thanks so much for sharing, I'm tickled pink!
My old favorite birds has hydrogenated vegetable oil and whey in it.
Will have to see if I can find an OMS friendly custard powder and then try this with meringue casing
Orgran gluten free custard powder, no dairy. Yes I have to add extra liquid too, I don't measure these days, sorry, just wrote down original recipe. :-)
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