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Ok wonderful Peeps!
I've been lying low on the forums recently but still checking in occasionally.
I am very naughty for sharing this recipe without the approval of the friend who gave it to us but my hubby just wowed me with how delicious this was. I HAD TO SHARE!

Makes 1 cup - Raw Chocolate Mouse (we used organic products where available)

1/4 cup pitted dates - soaked
1/4 cup 100% pure maple syrup
3/4 cup mashed avocado
1/2 cup cocoa
1/4 cup soy milk (or water)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence/vanilla paste

Method - Place dates and maple syrup and vanilla in food processor (with S blade) and process till smooth.
Add avocado and cocoa and process til creamy. Stop and scrape down the sides of bowl.
Add milk and process briefly.
Store in sealed container in fridge.

Serve with fresh yummy strawberries. Or.... we added it on top of a 'biscuit base' of almond meal, honey and organic raw bran and a tiny bit of dessicated coconut.
I hope that this recipe doesn't 'violate' the program too badly. I'm still getting used to what I can and can't have. Just a small bit of this was very nice on my strawberries though.

This looks lovely, I'll give it a try.

Melhelany, it fits the program which is great. I'd skip the coconut though, it's on the "food not to eat" list and a pet dislike for me which is fortunate.


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Sounds great Wendy.
I'd love to hear how you go.
We'll definitely leave out the coconut next time :)
There is always someone who just has to say somemthing......sorry I can't handle seeing chocolate mouse any longer. How much sat fat does a chocy mouse have?

I look forward to trying your chocky mousse tho.... hee hee ;)
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:D Wow! Just made this and it is so delicious!! Thanks. I also sprinkled a little wheat germ on top which was pretty good.
Excellent stuff! I just popped in to see if anyone had given it a shot.
I'm so sorry but I haven't had a chance to work out the sat fat content but I think it would only really be the avocado?
My 9 month old is keeping me on my toes so I'll try to add it up sometime soon.
Baha ha haaaa!
I just came in here to check the amount of dates I used for this recipe last time and realised how many of you must of wondered if I was cooking small rodents!
He he. Sorry about the spelling typo - twice :lol:
I made this yesterday and it was wonderful! Thankyou for posting this recipe.XXXX
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