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I am new but really motivated to do this and start to feel better. I just can't see myself not eating ice cream!! Anything close to ice cream until the cravings stop??? Assuming pudding is out, how about jello?? Yikes!
Just scroll through the recipes here - lots and lots of delicious ideas for soft serve banana ice cream, chocolate mousse, lemon meringue pie, sorbets, crumble, rice pudding etc etc.

I find the positives from following the OMS diet far outweigh "doing without" - my health, weight, skin and hair are so so much better. I don't even think about cheese any more which was my weakness.


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Sorbets are a good substitute and soy ice cream is pretty good too..
Another vote for sorbets here :-)
I'm not sure why ice cream is such a big issue. I heard a woman speak to our MS group, telling the story of how difficult it was when she was told she should go on a low saturated fat diet. She went to her doctor and asked if she had to give up ice cream and was relieved to find out she didn't have to. After all, she's suffering so much from the disease... (even my Neuro says stuff like this).

In any case, she's progressed from Avonex to Beteseron to Tysabri, with 2 years of pulsed steroids in the mix and is heavy. What's so great about ice cream?

After a while, you will lose you taste for high-fat foods (read creamy) and sorbet (don't get sherbet in the US, it's different) and soy ice creams will taste find and satisfy your craving.

You can't imagine now how great you will feel!

Good luck.

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Give up ice cream?? Really????

I totally agree, I have found chocolate easy to go and most other things quite easy but I love my ice-cream I use to share a moment with my daughter when we use to enjoy a special ice-cream together. I have tried sorbet but don't really like it too much as it is way to sweet. Will have to try the soy version though or I was going to try and make some up myself with rice milk I will let you know if it turns out!
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Soy is the best substitute that i have found as I think sorbets are over rated.
I notice tho that some soy products are disgusting so shop around for a brand you like.
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You can make a really delicious homemade ice cream using frozen berries, icing sugar and soy or rice milk. It has to be eaten straight away, but is so good!
Check out the recipe here: http://www.healthyfood.co.nz/recipes/20 ... -ice-cream but substitute rice or soy milk
If you make your own sorbets they don't have to be sweet, we've got an ice cream maker and they are super easy to make. I'm not a fan of soy ice cream, it has a weird beany aftertaste in my opinion.
Try Booja booja 'icecream' Its lovely.
Sorbet on occasion is nice but some brands are terrible, I would think about making my own but I really don't eat it that much to bother.

I make my own jam which is super easy and cheap with organic frozen berries and it is very similar just minus the ice!

Soy icecream is ok, I don't like it that much though.

It's going to sounds boring but in general when I want something sweet I just have fruit, and something creamy? Not sure I really crave creamy any more 18 months into the diet, just doesn't seem like a natural thing to crave. I have soy in my coffee and cereal sometimes but I have it black and soaked in water just as much.

You should try to not think about this diet as giving things up, I think more of it as eating properly. Icecream really is poison, you shouldn't really eat it even if you aren't on this diet, the thought of it for me now is quite disgusting.
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