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I'm hoping someone here can help. I was looking for MS friendly recipes and came across someones blog and she had the yummiest carot cake recipe. I printed this out but can not seem to find it or find her blog again on the www so hopefully someone out there has also seen her blog and can lead me in the right direction
Thanks Gilly
Hello Gilly, we list some recipe blogger sites in our resources section here: http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis.org/Resources/Links/ maybe you might find your recipe on one of these.
Oh Lisa I love you. I've been going nuts looking for it. I should have asked on here weeks ago. It's on the blog 'My MS Free life". It really is yummy if anyone is looking for a sweet treat.
Thanks again Gilly
OH..... my.... goodness. What a dumb bum I am! I just checked out this blog and it is AWESOME!
Skimming for Christmas ideas as I'm encouraging (forcing :) my family to create an MS friendly feast.
Thanks again for the reminder Lisa.
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