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The creamy secret is Arborio rice. And stirring a lot as friction from grains rubbing maximizes the creamy deliciousness! Best stirred constantly with a glass of wine in the other hand, whilst chatting with good company. I learnt the hard way not to get carried away and stir the company too! Keep the friction inside the pot.

If you don't have these flavour ingredients, rest assured you can experiment. I'll add suggestions at bottom.

~ 1.25 L milk (rice is sweetest, almond & soy creamier. I started with mostly rice & added almond milk towards end so almond fats heated less, even though water content keeps it near 100C)
~ 150g arborio rice (risotto rice)
~ 60g caster sugar substitute of yr pref (I used 50g of coconut palm sugar which is made from flowers of coconut palm [diff to ordinary palm sugar] has complex flavours & low GI but still not perfect)
~ Pinch freshly grated nutmeg
~ 4-5 cardamom pods seeds removed & pounded in mortar & pestle (I used powdered even though flavour is less)
~ 20ml coconut essence (adjust to yr palate as I'm new to this trick)
~ 40g lightly dry roasted almond flakes (recipe calls for roasted pistachio), or raw to sprinkle on top (I left this out)
~ Optional: 100g demerara or coconut palm sugar for optional brûlée topping (to impress muggles & guests)

Use biggest saucepan as rice & soy milk bubble over easily.
Heat milk just below boiling point. Add rice, sugar, cardamom & coconut essence (I think th essence loses flavour & is better added at the end. What do you find?)
Stir constantly (or regularly!) over low heat approx 25 mins til rice tender & creamy, but grains still separate & with a slight bite. Add extra milk slowly (or add warmed milk) if needed to keep pudding a bit loose.
Serve warm or cold, topped with optional nuts OR chopped fresh or stewed apricot or other fruits. I reckon you could stir frozen berries into warm pudding as you serve. yummo.

Brûlée option: sprinkle sugar on top. Approx 1T on each individual pudding. Plac under hot grill or blow torch 3-5 mins. Cool t hard crust. I won't say use heat proof dishes as you already know that.

Flavour options:
Grated fresh Ginger for some anti-inflamm whammy
Vanilla essence
Star anise, or aniseed essence
Maple syrup. Or add raw honey at end instead of sugar in.
Orange flower water
Rose water with cardamom (plus figs, as these make a classic flavour combo)
Chopped dried dates instead of sugar??
I used <half black rice & it made a dark purple pud
What else?? Pls share your discoveries...
That's sounds delicious.

I want someone to cook it for me, whilst I drink wine with them. I might forward recipe to my hubby.

Ms F
HI Gumnut,

I have started with baby steps and cooked the Rice Pudding in the Resources - recipe/dessert section. It was very easy. Yummy and simple.

Next step, I'll give this one a go. The flavours look tastier and more complex.

I used brown rice, so I'll try this arborio rice and milk method.

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