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you could use this to make choc eggs. It was delicious, just that high % of almonds makes it a high fat treat, but at least its raw good fats. Quick & easy to make too. I posted it in recipes prev:

... I made raw brownies last week (in food processor grind 180g ie 1cup almonds then add 1cup dried dates or apricots & bananas, 1/4 cup carob, pinch sea salt, drizzle of EVOO optional, I added some orangeflower water for fun, vanilla essence, careful amount of blackstrap molasses -don't overdo molasses, or use maple syrup instead, then extra 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds blitzed in at end to add pale chunks for interest (to look like real brownies). Then press well into papered brownie tin, freeze/fridge then slice). Utterly delicious & easy, freezes well, BUT high sat fat so I cut into small pieces. Maybe a nice Easter treat as u could roll it into egg shapes (& roll in a dusting of carob or cocoa powder for a gourmet finish). or wrap little eggs in foil for an egg hunt :D

Let me know if you mak it. :)
Soft dried bananas (the dark ones), plus dates & apricots make it yummiest IMO

(I tried making a lower fat version another time by substiting cooked adzuki beans for almonds but it wasn't nice, perhaps because I was low on dried fruit options and didn't use enough sweetener. Might try again.)
I've been substituing Easter Eggs with Strawberries - they look kind of the same :D
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