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PMT cake

This is ready in 20 mins. I had to adapt something as I have been eating large amounts of vegan cake at certain times of the month!

4 tbsp any flour
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
quarter tsp baking powder
4 tbsp non dairy milk
2 drops vanilla essence

or bake in the oven at 175 degrees for 15 mins
this will make a tiny cake, is it meant to?
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perhaps it's a cup cake ;-)
The heading does say "single serving chocolate"
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it is a tiny cake, yes! i keep laughing at that question, sorry for not saying. i usually bake it in a ramekin.
i make larger cakes for me and my children but sometimes i have to limit myself (i will eat all of the cake, no matter the size on some occasions!)
you could also make it in a mug (haha, cup cake) and microwave it for 3 minutes, but i don't have a microwave....
Brilliant idea Catherine! A tiny cake! X
Haha so it does, what a great idea :D
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09

I, too, have a 'self-control' issue re baked goods at a certain time of the month - once upon a lifetime past, I would of eaten a whole packet of tim tams so the chocoholic in me salutes you!
Cather1ne wrote: it is a tiny cake, yes! i keep laughing at that question

I thought It was funny too. I thought its HER PMT cake, try to share it at your own risk! (cartoon image of a bitten off head next to the ramekin)

Shelle I used to gorge packs of Tim tam too. Double choc. Now I think how I was poisoning myself.

I've been freezing lowfat cupcakes. But I try to eat them frozen. :oops: Or take one out for a walk to sit in sun & thaw while I get a takeaway coffee! And then I get another one out of the freezer
Oh ladies I hear you all.

I love the single serve cake idea, something is required at that time.

I used to eat a whole packet of mint slices.

Adios mint slices hello PMT cake.
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