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Hi Hilary

You can get natural sultanas from Woolworths. The packaging is very similar so you'll have to look carefully and pick up the right box. Your local health foid store may also stock them. In Queensland we have Wray Organics and Mrs Flannerys.

I have made this pudding every year since I was diagnosed. Mums hosting Christmas this year and she made this pudding because she likes it better and we can all eat it. We just have different custard on it. I make a non-dairy version and they have normal custard.

Give it a try. 1% oil or not, it's a lot healthier for you than most puddings you can buy.
Hi kaybe

Thank you so much! The pudding was/is delicious right enough - there's loads left so still enjoying it! It was so nice to indulge a bit on Christmas Day.

Thanks again - will be making it next year again I'm sure!

Hilary x

I made this and it was amazing, everyone loved it! I used the recipe to make a 1ltre Xmas pud and 6 mini Xmas cake muffins! Delicious! Will be making every year I'm sure :)

Thank you!!!
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I make it every year, too. This year I made it as a fruit cake, instead of a pudding, liberally laced with Grand Marnier. Delicious!


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Fruit is going to be soaked today, and make the mini pudding cakes tomorrow using a tastey home grown apple from a friend's garden.
Hi Veg
I soaked my fruit on Sunday and made the pudding yesterday. It smells so good. Can't wait for Christmas.
This is worth a seasonal boost for new members to see, it makes a super Christmas pudding.
This is a really good recipe and smells wonderful and tastes it too.
Thanks for the reminder veg, and thanks Kylie for the original recipes
Hi there,
I made this pudding which turned out AMAZING!!
And I have professional cake makers in my family who were at our table for Xmas and thought that it was SUPERB!!
Thank you so much kaybe!
Rose x
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