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I'm technically a bit of an impostor as I don't have MS, but my fiance is recently diagnosed and I follow the diet to support him, and also do all our cooking so thought I would share some of the recipes that have kept us sane for others to enjoy. Hope that's ok :)

Anyway I came across this recipe for vegan cheesecake and it is amazing! Our favorite recipe so far and a huge hit with friends and family.

See here:

http://deliciouslyella.com/raw-blueberr ... uten-free/

I think I actually prefer it to normal cheesecake - enjoy!
Imposters bearing cheesecake are always welcome! Thanks for the link.

Looks delicious, thank you!
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Good site plenty to work with, some tweaks needed like watch the oil and no coconut oil
Just made the lollies in the freezer, changed coconut milk for rice drink
Lauren - what a fantastic website link, thanks for posting.
Glad you liked the website :) loads of great recipes on there - the sweet potato brownies are amazing, way better than they sound. As mentioned above a few recipes contain coconut oil, but I reckon it could probably be swapped for EVVO in many
Lauren thanks for the link! I made this cheesecake for the weekend family picnic and it was a hit! I'm sure there will be requests for it again and again! and it was so easy. There is just one piece leftover and I have a plan for it!
Thanks so much for posting!
I see its got banana in there, can you taste the banana? I can't stand them - wish I liked them because they are soooo good for you!
Hi Lauren

I recently posted about the site too..

I have tried the cheesecake it is yum.. I also made the crumble which is really good, I substituted the oil for EVOO.

What is also good is the Nutella? We shouldn't use the cacoa so I just used cocoa powder instead.

Besides watching the oils I have began to watch the quantities of nuts as she uses quite a lot but I love it... It makes me feel very satisfied and not deprived at all.

Take care

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