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Has anyone made an oms friendly christmas cake? I realise that it would be a treat due to the sugar content, but just wondered if anyone had tried it?

Also does anyone eat marzipan? I was thinking a homemade version without the awful processed sugar syrups might be ok....?

If anyone has any recipes then please let me know. I'm determined to eat some delicious oms friendly christmas treats!!

Thanks all xx
You should root out last year's Christmas day menu (might even be from 2012) it was on the blog the cake is very good. By KatBe.
Thanks veg
Don't know about the marzipan, but I made the OMS friendly christmas cake last year from the "frommydeck.com" site. You can make it as a xmas pudding and xmas muffins as well. Do give it a try its a really good one. Here's the link http://frommydeck.com/2012/12/04/oms-ch ... dairy-free
Good luck :D
It's the same recipe - Kylie (frommydeck) is Kaybe who did the OMS Christmas blog.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... ral/?p=848

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Brilliant thanks Roseie and korimako xx
I make it and cook it in 6 silicon muffin pan and use no oil. It is a great recipe.
I have just today cooked my OMS Christmas puddings,(recipe is on the site), I made them last year, and they are definitely worth it for those who love their pud.

A xx
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