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I have had a new discovery. My new concoction. I get a tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cocoa powder ( it must be pure none of that drinking chocolate pish) and mix it together. Pop it in the microwave for ten seconds. Mix the honey and cocoa together really well. I then get a banana, chop it up and pour the honey and cocoa over the banana. Good Lord it is a-maz-ing. I personally wouldn't have it that often. It's not because it's not legal it's just that I value my teeth!

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Phil xxxx
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Ha! alright - also try this - I teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon tahini, I tsp coacoa :D
I can definitely recommend maple syrup and cocoa mixed together and eaten with fresh pears. My mouth is watering at the thought.
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Thank goodness for you all!

Sometimes I just want a quick chocolate treat. Great suggestions!
Amazing... dried cherries with maple syrup chocolate sauce so yummy. Thank you for the post and idea
I make the walnut, date and cacao bliss balls and keep in the freezer as a treat with my cuppa, but I have discovered that Lindt brand chocolate has no dairy in it if it's 70% or more cocoa. It has to be the plain dark chocolate which I love anyway. I know the saturated fat is a bit high, but just watch what else you eat that day. It's nice melted and strawberries dipped in it. Yummy :D
Hi there,
personally I would stare away completely from cacao because of the extremely high saturated fat content.

Cacao v Cocoa powder
Cocoa powder is 0.8% saturated fat (7g per 86g serving)

Raw cacao powder is 7% saturated fat
http://vegetarian.about.com/od/beverage ... rition.htm

And I would do the same with any chocolate bars, Lindt or any other brand.
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Don't worry, there's plenty of other treats to make with cocoa. Check out this recipe for a dipping sauce for strawberries!!


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Rose x

Thanks Phil! I ordered cocoa powder to come with my next veg box delivery right away and just tried the honey mix last night! Ooooooh! Now I have never had a sweet tooth but think I have created a new addiction. Your fault.

Thanks Rose! Think I might give it a go tomorrow. I only need to start liking dates now... (the fruit I mean)

Here is another one from dr. Greger's website (http://nutritionfacts.org):

blend 1 cup frozen strawberries or other berries and about 1 teaspoon cocoa powder (adjust the quantities to your taste) in a blender or with a hand-held stick for an ice cream-like treat. Add a banana and/or a splash of almond milk for another variation.
hi Rose, I just checked my cocoa and my cacao packets, and the only difference is the carbohydrate content is a lot higher in the cacao. Total carb 50g per 100g (sugars 1g). In the cocoa its 15.6g per 100g. (sugars 1.6g). Is that bad?
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