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Hi mellyj

Sorry, but NO processed chocolate is OMS compliant. If you look at the ingredients of your Lindt bar, you will see it contains cocoa butter which is definitely off limits.

I was a complete chocaholic, but after 19 months on OMS I don't even think about it now, let alone crave it, so ditch the chocolate and you will soon lose the taste for it.

If you need chocolate, try a Nak'd cocoa or cocoa orange bar. 1g sat fat and all fruit/ nut ingredients with cocoa. They taste super chocolatey but are rather filling.
I'm looking to find a way to produce my very own oms chocolate. nut butter should help, but I still have research to do

until then, this is as close it gets so far: ttp://chocoibarra.com.mx/productos-ibarra.php?i_d=aW5n
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