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I have questions about alcohol in cooking.

The Gawler cookbook mimics traditional fruitcake's steeping dried fruit in brandy etc,
with boiling water.
The traditional method enriches flavours well — could it slightly ferment or decompose the dried fruit?

On a similar note, does cooking wine in risotto or lentil-nese sauces degrade it unacceptably?
I know it increases sugars… but there isn't that much to change…

Nothing wrong with it enjoy!
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Cheers, thanks.
Thanks again for your advice about mimicking cream-cheese icing, too.
Go for it, Michael! I am going to soak my Christmas cake fruit in duty-free Grand Marnier in a very generous measure!

Will also attempt a soy milk chocolate/orange custard in the thermomix, liberally laced with either Grand Marnier or Cointreau!

Cheers, and cheers again,


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Chocolate/orange soy custard?! Yum.
I might go orange tofu (mock-cream-cheese icing...

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