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I can make an OMS version of
I left one with my choir (including all the toppings and Amaretto).
The conductor thanked me for my 'special offering'.
It is pretty easy, Extra virgin olive oil for butter, soy yoghurt for eggs, EVOO, kakao and rice syrup for dark chocolate.
...Bonsoy for milk, too.
I find it's easier to mix up a kakao replacement for chocolate than it is to melt chocolate...
Do you mean Cacao?
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Good question, thanks!
I had thought that kakao and cacao were the same.
Looking at the packet, what I have is Cacao powder, not kakao powder.
In some stores an imported standard cocoa has a European name spelled similarly.

My cacao calls itself a certified organic superfood, raw, vegan, dairy free, gluten free ...
Danger! danger! - Will Robinson, danger!- danger!
These are health claims, and they are usually B.S.
(What kind of cocoa-like product usually does have gluten in it?)

It says caco is from low-temperature pulverising cacao nibs into cacao butter and cacao poder.

What *is* kakao then?


P.S. I love your pic, I have one of my chocolate Burmese on my shoulders I should use...
My cat Kashu, had her almost 16 years but had to put her down last October so that was a sad day.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Yes. Very sad indeed! :-(
I like Thomas Moore's 'fond memory brings the light of other days'.
I love the Jean Cocteau's 'I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.
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