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Missing your ice-cream and want a healthy alternative to sorbet (which is packed with sugar)? Peel and halve some bananas and put them in a container in the freezer for at least 24 hours. Then stick them in a blender with a dash of honey and blend. Use soy milk to adjust the consistency if you need it. Tastes absolutely like soft serve ice-cream and is super delicious as dessert or even as a smoothie for breakfast (tip: don't use a hand blender unless you have a Bamix. Most of them don't have strong enough blades for this).
Wow! This hits the ice cream craving perfectly, and it's so easy! I tried apple juice instead of soy milk and added cocoa and frozen raspberries after my first try ... Thanks!!!
I do this too except I dont put anything else in, just the bananas. You have to wizz them
up a few times till they have thawed enough to go into a thick creamy consistency, its more like
ice cream than a smoothie. Makes me feel like I am being naughty.
This sounds absolutely delicious.. off to put some bananas in the freezer!
I am in withdrawal. The Queensland floods knocked out much of the Australian banana industry and they are now super expensive :cry: Enjoy some banana soft serve for me...
Dear DRJO,
I am in qld too and suffering the banana shortage. I keep an eye out for the ones that look too ripe
for sale, my local shop sells them cheaper when they get like that, usually in kilo bags.
I buy up big when they are like that and freeze them. They are still good unless they feel really soft.
Just ate my last ones last night. :(
Hi Maree. We've opted for fruit and veg home delivery lately because both my partner and I have fatigue-creating illnesses (a fine pair, we are!). So, I am missing out on the banana opportunism. But I will keep my fingers crossed that you come across a new supply soon :)
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