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New member hfox asked if anyone had a recipe for an OMS friendly chocolate ice cream that didn't rely on cashews. Here are a few suggestions:

1) http://www.icecreamnation.org
This is an amazing site run by Anders, a Swede with a real passion for icecream, gelato, sorbet and all manner of frozen desserts. It is a veritable treasure trove of information and recipes, each one more inspirational than the next.

The closest match for your requirements might be this one, based on oat milk and cocoa:

http://www.icecreamnation.org/2016/04/c ... ice-cream/

There is also a recipe for a Nutella gelato that you could 'veganise':
http://www.icecreamnation.org/2015/05/n ... n-a-micro/

There is a simple recipe for a healthy Nutella here:

Icecreamnation.org has a page on catering for food intolerances etc has suggestions for how to replace just about anything you might find in an ice-cream recipe. Armed with this information, you might be able to adapt your existing recipe? To replace cream, there is obviously soy cream but also the slightly less well known almond cream made by Ecomil. I first came across mention of this product on the Ireland-based Maple Spice food blog, so it must be available in some parts of Ireland, at least!
At the bottom of this page, Anders gives an example of a strawberry ice cream made with silken tofu. Apparently all his testers loved it and no one could believe it was made with bean curd!

Browsing the pages of icecreamnation.org clarified for me that Italian gelato might be a better way to go for us OMSers than traditional Anglo-Saxon recipes as gelato does not rely on egg yolk but rather on a vegetable starch of some kind. Anders raves, for example, about gelato made with arrowroot.

Alternatively, you could see how you got on with a chocolate sorbet? Anders gives a recipe here which looks eminently OMS friendly to me:
http://www.icecreamnation.org/2012/11/c ... vely-lean/

2) http://www.aduna.com
Aduna sell their own brand of super cacao (0.33 g saturated fat per 10g serving), ship internationally and include a lot of recipes on their site.

There are quite a few for chocolate mousse that appear to be OMS compatible. Maybe a chilled mousse would do the trick when the urge for a scoop of chocolate ice makes itself known?

Quite a few of the recipes on the Aduna site call for (non-OMS compatible) coconut in some form or another. The pages below carry suggestions for replacing coconut. The recommendation to replace coconut butter with cocoa butter obviously won't work for us, as cocoa butter is off-limits on the OMS diet too. I imagine we are better off with another nut butter, like walnut or almond?

http://www.sweetsandgreens.com.au/what- ... onut-with/

Hope some of the above suggestions help!

Bon appetit!

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The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D
Thanks Jette, these look brilliant. I've 'borrowed' my parents' icecream maker (I don't think they expect to get it back :-D ) and will try out one of the recipes tomorrow.
Thanks for the tips on the other foods too - I had a look and I can get the Ecomil almond cream here (i didn't know such a thing existed) and that super cacao has a much lower saturated fat content than anything I've seen so far - the best I'd found was about 7%.

Hope your icecream endeavours are successful too.

All the best
What a great post Jette :) And you posted that right on my birthday, I should have spotted that earlier :)

I am not a dessert person but the summer is here so bring on some ice cream!
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