(salted caramel pecan sauce omitted)
Adapted from Adele McConnell, The Vegan Cookbook p.170
Gluten-free, seed-free, raw
20 cm 8 inch spring-form tin – serves 8

Overnight soaking, 4-5 hours freezing, 20 minutes defrosting

225 g / 1 ½ cups almonds
100g ½ cup fresh or dried pitted medjool dates
1 pinch sea salt

2 cups cashew nuts
1 vanilla pod (can use 10 ml vanilla essence instead)
125 g / 1 cup coconut sugar
125 g / 1 cup raw cacao powder
½ teaspoon sea salt
170 ml 2/3 cup evoo
coconut essence, 15-20 ml
mixed berries, OMS-friendly chocolate replacement shavings
(Nakd, Natural Essence?, Pacari 100% Cacao) are brands of chocolate substitutes or chocolate that is very close to OMS by ingredients

Put the cashew nuts in a bowl, cover with water and soak overnight.
Drain and rinse cashews.
Put dates for crust in another bowl. Cover with water and soak for 4 hours.
Drain dates.
Process dates, almonds and salt in a blender or processor until it becomes a soft dough.
Lightly grease the base of 20cm/8in spring-form tin with EVOO, and lightly press base dough into the bottom of the tin.
Chill the tin with the base in it in the fridge.
Make the filling
Scrape out the seeds from the vanilla pod. Put the seeds, coconut sugar, cacao powder, evoo, coconut essence and salt in a blender or food processor. Blend until smooth. Add up to ¾ cup as needed to keep the texture smooth. I substituted unsweetened almond milk.
Pour the filling over the cake base. Freeze for 4-5 hours until firm.
Leave for 20 minutes to defrost slightly to serve. Top with mixed berries and chocolate shadings.