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Ok, so for those of us that haven't quite developed the hardcore OMS' predilection for Flaxseed oil I wondered if anyone else might be playing 'hide the flaxseed' at meal times?

For anyone who is struggling to come to terms with drinking 2 full table spoons of that tasty body grease here is my own personal way of hiding the stuff.

Before my body is fully awake and Jonesing for that breakfast boost of tasty muesli I secretly add to my muesli a scoop of Sun Warrior vegan Chocolate protein powder, my full daily serving of flax seed oil and then mix with almond milk. By the time that it's all mixed together the slightly questionable (but after some time and an absence of real chocolate almost addictive) chocolately taste of the SW protein powder takes over and even though I can see the oil in the bowl my mediocre taste buds just find a slightly sweet brown cocoa muesli. Now that is my personal take on mind over body.

So there we go, that is how i trick myself into drinking the good stuff each morning. I hope that someone out there will find flax seed oil to be a tolerable partner after all, providing that it is silent, tasteless and well-disguised using a similar approach.
I have some flax seed oil with every meal and find it to be a welcome addition. I think you are just trying to take too much of it at one time. I love flax seed oil as a substitute for butter on air popped popcorn too. There are a million enjoyable ways to use this oil.

By the way, some brands are better than others. In the USA, I like a Spectrum oil the best.
Rebecca, how do you manage to mix the flax oil somewhat evenly through the popcorn? I just end up with splodges here and there.

I put mine in a spritzer bottle, and then spray the popcorn!
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After trying several brands, I too find that the Spectrum (enriched with Lignans) is my favorite. Have to shake really, really well though. Love it with apple cidar vinegar over a bowl of raw zucchini, cucumber, carrot, onion, tomato, chia seeds and lots of pepper added. Eating this every day to get in the flax oil.
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Thanks! You are all inspirational.

I have tried guzzling it (gag!) and a few things but find I don’t even notice it in a Berocca each morning.

I might give some of your ideas a go but I like knowing I am getting the precise amount.

I tried mixing it with a few things but find juice / Berocca work best.

Keep being awesome, everyone!
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