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I have also just recently found the Delicious;y Ella site and have tried some of her amazing recipes, they are wonderful:) I made the sweet potato brownies last night and they were yummy.
I am glad I read this thread as I too have been eating way too much avocado, I don't eat large qualities in one go only a little but I would eat it 4-5 per week so obviously got this completely wrong.
Thank for the heads up

Be well and be happy

Yes discovered Ella while back. Be careful some recipes include coconut oil unfortunately. Try the rice Krispy squareThere are lots ovoid blogs mentioned in What we eat fb page which I have saved on iPad. Just made Lebanese lentil soup - very nice.
Hi Lauren
When I make the crumble, I stew the fruit adding maple syrup and cinnamon as advised.

For the topping I use oats or oats and almonds with some EVOO and vanilla essence and the maple syrup.

Do you think that I should use flax instead? I have been taking it for the last 5 months but haven't really eaten with it.

Have you tried the Nutella or the Banana Ice Cream?

Do you worry about having too many nuts?

Thanks for your help

I have a sweet tooth and this is helping me overcome it.
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Hi Nicola
You can't cook with flaxseed oil, it is too fragile for the oven heat.
I'm soooo confused. I've read lots of book & researched alot on diet for MS sufferers (my george jelinek book is on its way) & until now everyone said that avocados a really good fats, like Salmon & extra virgen Olive oil....& coconut oil. I eat 1 avocado every day, i love them & i thought they were really good for me....help!!!!
Thanks xx
Hi Ninab3

The problem with Avocado is the saturated fat content, one of the main components of OMS is keeping the saturated fat as low as we can (I think below 10 Grams a day is the recommended amount).

For the same reason, Coconut oil is on the foods not to eat list, as are all coconut products ( except coconut essence in cooking)

Extra virgin olive oil is ok for cooking below 180 C or as salad dressing ect, but this also contains a fair amount of sat fat so don't go glugging it by the cup full.

Hope this helps

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