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Hi all,

just wanted to share my love of Pinterest for getting endless recipes that suit the OMS programme (though many of you already use it I know).

For those of you that don't know it's like a giant online scrapbook but you can search for particular things (i.e. vegan roast dinner! gluten free recipes etc). Its largely American and UK but there's endless recipes and tips for cooking vegan etc. When you find something you can either write it down (old school) or Pin it on your board - Its pretty easy to use. As you get used to it you will see there is the option to 'Follow' other people and their boards. This means you see what they are Pinning and can Pin it too if it looks interesting, hereby getting loads of vegan/pescatarian recipes shared with you when you log on. It is far easier than I am making it sound and well worth getting your head around so have a play around and see what you think. I get nearly all of my recipes from their now and tweak them to suit me.
Oh, and it's entirely free and is easily downloaded onto phone, tablet or pc. No catch!

It has everything on there and is great for exercise plans, health and lifestyle tips as well. Its been a godsend for me in relation to OMS. Highly motivating too as you feel connected to other people who are obviously following similar healthy lifestyles and with loads of motivational statements knocking about too. (just to assure you - it's not like facebook for people who don't like that. There's no particular chatting on there and you can either let/prevent others from seeing what you are pinning).

Hope some of you find it useful. Oh, and they're not paying me. though they probably should... ;)
Thanks for sharing, I am getting a bit tired of my food, so new inspiration would be good.

Nicola Corbett

Dublin, Ireland

'Nothing tastes as good as walking feels'

DX 2003, Swank 2004, OMS 2013, OMS Retreat March 2014
Just had a quick look on the site and I have already pinned my first recipe :P
Hi both, thats great! Would love to hear how you get on with it.

Hi, I looove Pinterest, not just for recipes but I dream up a complete lifestyle (home/holidays/style) with it! If anyone wants to look at what I pin, I am 'clarkykitten' on Pinterest also :)
Jen x

Diagnosed 1994 OMS Nov 2013
@clarkykitten... you busted me. Me too :oops:

my user name is rach monkey . Be great to share recipes and motivation! :)
Following you now! :)
Jen x

Diagnosed 1994 OMS Nov 2013
I suggest following "Straight Up Food" for recipes that are OMS friendly--oil free, vegan, etc. It's nice to find a professional cook that is making food that we can make/eat.
Thanks for the tip about "Straight Up Food", I am delighted! Pinterest is my go-to for recipes but filtering out all the unsuitable stuff is a pain. All the lovely vegan treats seem to be full of coconut oil but not these ones, I can't wait to make the carrot cake and the pumpkin pie squares, with frosting!! :) Lots of gluten free too (which I am) so a great find, thanks.
Straight up food looks great. Im gonna be trying some of those recipes soon! Thankyou for sharing :)
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