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This might already be in the works but just in case it has not popped up...

Would it be beneficial to open a thread where everybody could add their OMS friendly recipes that they tried + picture.

They would need to be reviewed, standardized to use same measuring system...

And then publish the cookbook to fundraise for OMS?
There are already hundreds of recipes in the Recipe forum - between the 'Parents and Children' and 'Location' forums. All oganised by sub forum category to make them easy to find, which match the categories in the Recipe Resource.

There have been threads about an OMS cookbook. It's a lovely idea but it's a lot of work and there are copyright issues if recipes are from other sources.

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That's awesome Wendy thanks for pointing it out. I only ever read the unread posts so wasn't aware that was even there. Someone has done a lot of work to sort that for us!
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Thanks for pointing that out. Bummer

But I will go check out the recipes sections. I definitelly didn't look in the right spot.
Just want to add not all recipes are the most OMS compliant so still make your own decisions when following them :) for example I don't bake with oil so I make changes even if it is on here.
Thanks Veg. You are full of pearls of wisdom!!!!
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