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Hi all,

Being new to OMS (64 days!), I'm in that stage of experimenting and getting creative as I develop recipes and meal ideas. Cooking has always been a passion for me. After being diagnosed with coeliac many years back, my challenge was to create great meals that were GF. Now I'm taking on the challenge of OMS, and enjoying that in the same way!

I have an Instagram page where I post my meals and recipes, complete with photos. I will admit that I do cook very simply, and make things that are quick, highly nutritious, and delicious. This is for no other reason than that I gave up the eating-out thing many years ago (for a number of reasons), and so making 3 meals a day when you work full-time+... Well, there isn't time for long drawn-out cooking marathons.

If anyone would like to follow me/my cooking adventures on Instagram, please do: GIRL_WITH_THE_BANDAID_TATTOO . I try to post every day, so I hope you'll see something that interests you.

Happy cooking and eating,


Thank you Patty!

I am fairy new too (6 months or so) and cook exactly like you. Simple and quick yet healthy and nutritious recipes (or at least i try! :D )

Thank you for posting this I will definitely check your recipes out!

Do you have a website, blog, Instagram, etc of your recipes? If so, please post it? My IG is set to private, but just send the request and I'll accept you. ;)

Today I made GF no-knead rosemary-olive focaccia. No words for how well it came out -- wish I could send everyone a chunk! The photos make you feel like you can almost taste it!


Hey Patty

Would love it if you would post your GF no knead focaccia on here too!

I would love to, but the reason I offered my IG account is that I don't know if there's a way to post a jpg here? I do my recipes with photos and captions, then saved as jpg, so not a text block that I can copy in. They're clear and succinct that way, not overly wordy, and easier to follow since a picture really is worth a thousand words! ;)

Anyone know if that's possible, to post an image? I really would love to put them on here!



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