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My husband was diagnosed with MS in February this year. He read Dr Jelinek and was a convert to his recovery program from day one.
My response was to make sure he didn't miss all the foods he could no longer eat, the ideas for which I've captured in a blog.


I hope it's useful to some of you.

As yet I don't know of a printed cookery book that offers such recipes... does anyone?

Best wishes,

Looks fabulous!
These look great. I've got in a bit of a rut, eating mainly soups, salads and one pot meals. Which are good, and tasty, but not exciting at all. Your blog has inspired me to do some more creative cooking. Also, it has good ideas for when I have to cook for other people.

I wish you and your husband all the best.
Hello, the Forks Over Knives cookbook has been my absolute saviour on the diet. Use it every day.
Jane x
Thank you Charlotte for the blog details. Looks great. In regard to the cook book issue, I believe that an OMS cook book is in its making and may be ready by sometime next year. Additionally, I am aware that the new OMS website that is on the horizon, will also incorporate a lot of videos from chef's that will be providing a lot of OMS friendly recipes accompanied with preparation/cooking instructions.

All the best,
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