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These are the best ever cookbooks! I have all 5 and use them almost everyday. They are 95% OMS friendly - almost all recipes are vegan, gluten and sugar free. It is mainly the cooking in oil and coconut cream/milk that we need to change around.


In addition the author does a series of You Tube videos "Cooking in 30" where he makes 4 recipes from his books in 30 mins, I think there is about 20 of these videos (links to two below) so even if you don't buy the books you can get step by step instructions for many of his recipes (but the books are handy to refer to and also just to flick through when you are stuck for dinner ideas)

Yes I came across these too a while back.
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I bought these books ages ago and haven't used them. Thanks for 'bumping up' the post. I really enjoyed the videoa and am hugely inspired to dust off the books!


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Interesting website and enjoyed reading the 'About Us' page.

On the menu so refreshing to get a 'v' that actually means vegetarian. i.e. no dairy and no eggs.
I got the first of the cookbooks for Xmas, and the promise of more to come... I also looked at some of the 30 minute videos and they make a whole lot of sense.
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