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Received my OMS cookbook today and it's absolutely great. So many recipes to try out. Well done Ingrid, Jack and team.
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How exciting - mine has not arrived yet - but how fantastic to know that they are on the way.

I was surprised, and grateful, to receive my copy recently – I hadn’t known that one of my recipes had been accepted!
Great book – I’m loving opening a cookbook and trying out recipes that don’t need any substituting. So many new yummy meals (I now have a new favourite pea soup, and the zucchini pie works so well, and ... and... more!
Thanks to Ingrid and the team for all their hard work. And a special thanks to all who submitted wonderful OMS recipes! Maybe the ones that didn’t get in this time will make their way into a second cookbook? I hope so - I don't want to miss any of them.
Yippee it's here!! Many thanks to all concerned. Was in such a rush to pick it up that i fell over a step :D . Grazes, bumps and bruises. Will be an excellent start to my first yoga class this eve. The plus size is i now have some excellent comfort food recipes to turn to. Am such a dope. :oops:
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