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My eighteen yr old daughter has become interested in weight training and as she is a naturally tall,slim build wishes to supplement her mainly OMS diet with a mass building powder.She doesn’t have MS but as I do I’m very conscious of avoiding milk proteins as I feel they would be potentially risky for her. Obviously I’ve done the mum thing of reassuring her that her diet has plenty of protein and gave examples of Instagram vegan body builders etc and she knows about calorific shakes to gain weight in a healthy way but still would like a bought powder for convenience. Is there anyone out there who can advise please....?
It even made a UK program, and proved it made no actual physical difference, that if you exercise and eat what you need just by eating you get enough, buying those powders and shakes was just giving someone else money. It might be perceived as required but really it's just a trendy bottle to hold. It was I think a channel 4 program last year.

It's brilliant the interest in exercising.
Thanks for your reply veg.It is what I am inclined to think aswell.I’m going to try to find the programme,it sounds interesting.I think her problem is that she doesn’t have a big appetite and worries that she is burning more calories through the exercise than she takes in.Theoretically she is underweight although I don’t feel she looks it at all.Perhaps several small meals and snacks a day is the way to go :)
Hello here. Sorry for bumping! Can anyone share a good tips on how to help to gain weight? Maybe someone can now share their experience?
The main thing here is well-balanced diet. It's not enough to just eat more, it is highly important to watch what you eat. A good way is to count calories.
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