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Hi everyone,

I decided to write my case because I struggle since I was dx and unable to do my job (air-condition mechanic self employed). I came to AU 6 years ago from Poland (I am now 44), I finished diploma of engineering and start my own company, unfortunately some problem appears with my health, firstly seems to be disc problem but finally they got it as I deteriorated very quickly. Now walk with a stick, however I am on this diet (only 6mths) but at least I do not go down more. I had steroid course and now maybe I decide to get Tysabri or Gilenya (not sure which kill me later ;-)).
I have two kids (7 and 12) and wife (thx God), as she start work a bit and we meet the ends. I was smart enough to buy income protection insurance so we are covered for two years (but not smart enough ugh ;-(. I do not know how we gonna live here, but we like that country and we do not have need to come back. So my question is how people manage to live in AU (Melbourne) with such a problem. I have great support from MS Australia, but they can not feed my kids. I am in a bit depressed, yes, but what to fight as my boy just going to secondary and he is such a smart boy. I am panicking as well because I afraid that they can get this disease from me as I got from my mum.
Sorry fro a chaotic post but ... I will appreciate any advice what to do.

Diagnosed April 2012, OMS May 2012.

You have started the path to recovery. By the time your income protection insurance runs out, you will be much, much healthier, as you will have been on the OMS program for nearly two years. You may even find that you are able to go back to work well before then.

I suffered the beginning symptoms of MS a year ago this month, with an episode of shingles, and things got so bad by Christmas last year that I could no longer drive due to optic neuritis in both eyes, had trouble walking, and was hugely fatigued. Two courses of steroids helped, but it was MONTHS before I was able to go back to work. At the time, I thought I would never get back to work and that I would always be disabled. I had a real estate agent value my house, 'cos I thought I would have to sell it and get a tiny place with no mortgage.

I started OMS in early January, and things have just kept getting better since then. I still have my house. I'm working 32 hours a week, and could work more if I wanted. I did an OMS retreat and met Professor Jelinek and many other wonderful people. I highly recommend this if you can do it.

Getting my vitamin D level up to an appropriate level has been a challenge, but I think I'm there now. How is your vitamin D level?

To protect your children from the risk of developing MS, please attend to their vitamin D; here is the relevant link: http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... y-Members/

Before you decide to take Tysabri or Gilenya, or any other drug, please read the sections by Prof Jelinek concerning drug therapy:
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... Therapies/

Make an informed decision. Knowledge is power.

The MS Society may be able to offer you some financial counselling.

Keep coming here to this forum for support. You will get lots of support here. Whatever you don't understand about the program, just put a post on the forum and help will arrive very quickly!

Very best wishes,


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Two Very Mild Relapses since diagnosis. Copaxone May 2013 No new lesions on MRI since diagnosis
Hi Martin,

I hope you are doing better than when you posted. I am sorry I did not see your post before or I would have responded.

I agree with others that it is wise to be optimistic because following Jelinek's recommendations really do help turn things around.

Also, please remember that Swank found that when the children of those with MS followed a low-saturated fat, ultra healthy diet, not one ever developed MS -- not even one! Of course, the kids need to get enough vitamin D3 too.

Please keep us posted. How are you doing?

Hi everyone,

Thx Susan and Rebecca for cheer up. I try to not give up, meditation helps a lot. However I am not so optimistic to the healing effect of OMS. I met one man (quite young around 30) who was in retreat two time he is following OMS but he is declaiming very quickly, maybe he has very aggressive ms, I do not know.
Anyway I have one more year on my IP insurance to recover to that level that I can work at least part time. Here what I ma doing:

1. I took megadose of D3 150000iU and daily 10000IU for 4 mths and now 5000IU, my level is 168, so it seems OK.
2. Implement first dr. Swank diet and progress to dr. Jelinek (but it is quite rigorous I have to admit).
3. I am taking 20g of fish oil daily (20 pills, which is now enough to make me full ;-)). and I start fill that I do not need to eat anymore ;-), fortunately I love to eat sardines, makrell and herrings. My sin is drinking coffee but with soy milk (one cup daily).
4. Exercise 30-40 min 5 time a week, on weekend I do not exercise as my wife is working and I take care about kids which is HUGE exercise for me.
5. Meditation
6. I run my blog in polish about my experience on emigration and now I add MS section as well. BTW in Poland they do not have access to medication (only interferon which make people sick more), so maybe that program would be good to introduce to them. There were article about miracle recovery by one man who drink 20ml of flux-seed oil daily, and ate healthy food (means cook from raw), funny isn't it?.
7. I though about retreat but is simple beyond my financial possibilities, but maybe in the future.
8. I am in peer support group as well (so they told me about each possible "discount" cards etc).
8. My big question is if I am doing enough for my kids to protect them. We follow dr. Swank diet for our family, but I want to remove cow milk as well but kids love it, I try all including almond milk and they reject. I do not want to scare them but if you drink it you be sick like dad, maybe some advice how to do that.

Generally I fill ok but my lesions are in a spine mainly (and a silent part of my brain) so the more I move the worst it is. I am thinking to do some job on computer (maybe AutoCad) but I would like to avoid stress which make me worst. I am going to use MS society work service so they might help me to find suitable work.

I read about social impairment when you have MS and I find out that it is me, I do not like social discussions, I have experience that I have listened all of them in the past. I like when is quite, I go to the beach sometime and I just love to have a look on the water, birds and ... cargo-ships ;-)). I do not want busy life anymore, but I hate that filling.

My lovely wife just finish Aged Care course (we panic and rush for quick solution), I she loves to work there (at least good stuff), but wages in that industry are low, anyway better love what to do, so we are doing quite well in some areas, however I have impression that I put my family in big big trouble, because I took them to foreign country to live and now we will be living in renting house without financial stability which makes me sick.

So that all on this time, probably you write that I ma doing very well, but I do not fill like that, this is a problem.

Have a great weekend.
Diagnosed April 2012, OMS May 2012.
Hi Martin,

Your kids are very young and are really unlikely to be affected by MS for a very long time. And of course, it is very unlikely anyway that they will be affected although the risk is slightly increased because of your family history. Vitamin D will definitely help prevent MS - it may be enough all on its own, the research is very strong - but if not then a low saturated fat diet should do the rest. I am not at all concerned for my children, they have so much more of a chance than I did, with all the knowledge I can pass on. They are aged 7, 9 and 12. They have started to make great food choices over time, just by following my example. You probably won't need to force your children to change, they will slowly change with you (just a few months behind...)
You have come to Australia from Poland, brought your family, taken risks. That makes you courageous and determined and strong. Just the qualities you need to overcome MS following the OMS recommendations. Believe in your recovery the way you must have believed in yourself when you made the decision to emigrate. Focus on the many, many people who get well and stay well. Read their stories on this site and use them for inspiration. Expect to do at least as well as average - that is a 20% improvement over 5 years. In time you may start to believe you can recover completely.

Take care,
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Hello Martin. It's hard enough shouldering the responsibility for a family when you are fit and well, so it is so much more difficult when you have been diagnosed with a disease like MS, which can make you feel awful and very fragile every day. It's natural to be anxious about the future.

I can see that you are a courageous and resourceful man. You emigrated from Poland, studied, built a business, raised a family, and adapted to a language that is not your mother tongue. You probably worked hard physically in your business, seem to prefer working with things rather than people, and you are very independent. It must be very hard for you to feel dependent on others, and not be able to rely on your body any more. It's normal to feel grief for what is lost, and to feel anxious in those circumstances.

But Martin, when one door is closed, another is opened. All the skills you gained in your small business are highly desirable in an employee. Now you may be called to do different work to what you would normally like to do, but you may find that this will suit you better in the long run. If you can work from an airconditioned office or car, that will be good for your MS damaged nerves. You need a job that is low stress, but you will also need to make sure that you don't put unecessary stress on yourself too. You might still like a job that deals with things or information rather than a lot of contact with people, and you may need a sedentary office job, where you can sit as much as you need to, so that it is not too physically demanding. You might find working as an employee a lot more relaxing than running your own company ;) - you can switch off in the evenings and on weekends for one thing!

You have a year of income protection insurance still to run, so you have a bit of time to think about a new career. Have you looked at the Commonwealth Government's website disability links? http://www.humanservices.gov.au/custome ... disability

Disability employment service providers in your area can help you with discussing what sort of work might suit you best these days, and help you to prepare yourself, and even help you to find that new job. http://www.humanservices.gov.au/custome ... g-for-work


http://www.humanservices.gov.au/custome ... t-services

Martin, you can only do what you can do. Main thing is that you are there for your wife and children, and you are following this amazing OMS program, so you can be quite confident in stabilising your disease process. As others have said, you can also be very confident that your children will be okay. Sure, there is a small genetic link in MS, but it seems that epigenetics are far more important (the environmental factors that trigger the genes). Since your children are aware of keeping to a good diet, and know to supplement with Vitamin D3 every day, you should set your mind at rest that you are doing everything you can to keep them safe from MS.

As far as the milk goes, if you think they are unable to stop taking it, just limit it as much as possible, and show by example that the adults don't drink it, and gently explain to them from time to time why it is unwise for humans to drink the breast milk of another animal. You could probably switch from full cream to skim milk without them noticing though, and keep trying them on the alternative products from time to time.
Hi Martin,

It looks like you are doing a great job in making lifestyle changes. YAY! Good for you.

I noticed three things. First, please be sure to have your mercury level tested every six months for a while. Mackeral sometimes has a lot of mercury in it so you need to monitor your mercury to ensure you are not getting too much of that.

Also, if your kids avoid diary fat (from cheese and milk other than non-fat milk) this can help them avoid MS. There is not so much evidence that having skim milk contributes to MS.

Finally, about soy milk. The research shows that eating non-fermented soy products contributes to early onset of memory loss . For this reason, I eat fermented soy only (e.g., I eat tempeh but not tofu or soy milk).

You are really doing a fantastic job. I'm proud of you! Are you feeling better already?


Listen to Professor Jelineks podcast where he discusses the science behind his recommendation to avoid cows milk products, and the key papers that establish the link between cow's milk and MS:
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... ess/?p=481
Rebecca Hoover wrote: Hi Martin,
Also, if your kids avoid diary fat (from cheese and milk other than non-fat milk) this can help them avoid MS. There is not so much evidence that having skim milk contributes to MS.

Rebecca it is my understanding from George's book and podcast that it is not just the diary fat that is an issue but it is the diary protein that mimics the myelin protein that potentially can set off an attack. Are you now saying that this is incorrect and skim milk maybe ok?
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I was so busy with laziness that I do not have time to post :shock: .
Thanks for all advices. I have been just rejected fro companion card as I am not enough sick, which is sucks but .. bureaucracy. Anyway I have to go to work not enjoy my life with my spouse in the cinemas or concerts :oops: .

Regarding milk I agree with position that certain protein in milk can mimic myelin. This is my understanding of dr. Jalinek book. I am food technologist as well so I have pretty good background to get it. However as far as I know fermentation process change most of the protein in a milk (break it down) so possibly cottage cheese could be safe. But I am not sure so really it is better to avoid dairy product at all.
This is a reason why I try to put my kids away from at least milk.

Looza, I am overwhelm with your deep psychological skill, just from two post you describe my almost perfect. Are u working for police or HR agent ;-))? I really appreciate what You wrote, because that remind my what I am doing here, thanks.

Diagnosed April 2012, OMS May 2012.
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